Keira Knightley topless

Keira Knightley topless


Keira Knightley's God-given gifts are highlighted in her many diverse roles. It is truly a pleasant surprise to see Keira emerge with as much substance as style; a rarity among many young actors who quickly rise to fame.
Keira Knightley topless pics Keira Knightley topless pics
She is just as attractive as an athlete, with short shorts and closely cropped hair, as she is portraying an 18th century maiden, with long curly locks.
Keira Knightley topless Keira Knightley topless
Placing stock in this sexy Brit is one of the smartest things Hollywood has ever done.
Keira Knightley topless
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Name : Keira Knightley
Date of Birth : March 22, 1983
Place of Birth : Teddington, London, UK
Sign : Aries
Height : 5' 7
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Brown
Marital Status : Single
Profession : Actress
Read more on Imdb.
Keira Knightley topless pictures Keira Knightley topless pictures


"I'm British, so the whole sex scene and being topless is fine. In fact, to be able to do that in the middle of the desert was quite liberating. And to do it with a beautiful Venezuelan well, let's just say I'm a lucky girl."
Keira Knightley Keira Knightley
"We would always talk about sex. Not the typical mother-daughter thing. But we're extremely close."
"Yes, I have breasts. So does 50% of the population. Do we really have to waste time talking about mine? I don't think so"
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I wish, I wish....I had the chance to do her all night long
Posted by
me on 2008-04-10
Id love To see her in a bath
Posted by
Desmund on 2009-12-03
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